Changes to Repeat Prescriptions Ordering

What is Changing?

NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG is changing the way repeat medication can be ordered to increase safety and efficiency. Patients or their carers will now need to order their repeat prescription directly through the practice by: 

  • Ordering via the online system;
  • Dropping off their repeat request at the practice in person;
  • Posting their request to the practice; or
  • Ringing the practice to request a repeat prescription – if the practice still offers this option.

Please only order the medicine you need seven to ten days before you are due to run out. You should allow two full working days for your prescription to be processed.

Pharmacies that collect prescriptions from your GP and deliver medication to patients will still do so. It is only the ordering process that is affected by this change.

Why is This Happening?

Under the old system some patients built up a stock of unused medicines. The NHS can reduce the cost of waste medicines through improving repeat prescribing systems. The money saved through reducing medicines waste will be used to fund prescribing of medicines to the population of Kirklees.

The new system is safer as your GP can monitor your prescription more easily and discuss the prescription items that you continue to need at your regular review.

If you feel you may need support ordering your repeat prescription please get in touch with the practice or contact:

 Patient Advice and Liaison Service

NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG

Tel: 01484 464222